Current program assistance

In the next few months a number of decisions will need to be made by church leaders and families as to how to proceed with church based scouting and how boys in the existing program will be transitioned into community scouting going forward. This temporary sections provides some help in this effort.

Advancement in the BSA system

The BSA system provides that advancement to First Class rank can be done at the same time for all the ranks below first class. However there are requirements for physical activity which can not be done simultaneously and so will put time constraints on any plan for advancement. Below is given the time requirements.

Working with these requirements in mind we get the following dates for deadlines for earning the various ranks up to Eagle Scout within the LDS Scouting program. Should any boy miss these deadlines it would seem advisable to multiple register him into a community troop so as to not interrupt his progress going forward.

Board of review might be able to be done after December 31, 2019. But the boys won't be chartered unit any longer and it is unclear how this would work.

Transitioning LDS Scouts into community based scouting programs

The powerpoint presentation by Bryce Hall outlines some of the issues that are faced in transitioning LDS scouts to community based scouting units.