Badges Mapping
Scouts Australia

This badge mapping shows correlation between various Scouts Australia badges and how they might be applied to the LDS Church's Children and Youth programme. These are recommendations only and should not be considered either authoritative or complete. The new church program is open ended and family driven. This means that a family or youth could choose to complete parts of the program using scouting resources such as these. The advantage here is that scouting provides activities which are age appropriate and well defined with can help youth and families in developing a program best suited for their own needs and the age of the youth.

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While it is the case that almost any badge can be used to meet an education goal some are more explicitly educational in nature. Below is a sortable list of the current BSA merit badges with the corresponding suggested goal areas.

Target and Other Badges

Name Goal Areas Notes
Campcraft Educational, Physical Required at all levels
Citizenship Social Required at all levels
Air Activities Educational Elective
Construction Educational, Physical Elective
Emergencies Educational Elective
Environment Educational Elective
Water Activities Educational, Physical Elective
Water Safety Educational, Physical Elective
Landcare Educational
Faith Awareness Spiritual
Walkabout Physical Hiking
World Environment Educational, Social
Scout Leadership Course Social, Educational Multi-day course in leadership training

Proficiency Badges

Name Goal Area
Abseiling Physical
Agriculture Educational
Animal Keeper Educational
Anthropology Educational, Social
Art Educational
Astronomer Educational
Bushcraft Physical, Educational
Caving Physical
Collector Educational
Commerce Educational
Communication Educational, Social
Community Social
Craft Educational
Crime Prevention Educational
Entertainer Educational
Fire Awareness Educational
Heritage Social
Individual Sportsman Physical
Information Technology Educational
Literary Arts Educational
Multi Media Educational
Music Educational
Outdoor Physical, Educational
Performing Arts Educational
Rock Climbing Physical
Science Educational
Team Sports Physical
Technology Educational
Trades Educational
World Scouting Social