Badges Mapping
Scouts Malta

This badge mapping shows correlation between various Scouts Malta badges and how they might be applied to the LDS Church's Children and Youth programme. These are recommendations only and should not be considered either authoritative or complete. The new church program is open ended and family driven. This means that a family or youth could choose to complete parts of the program using scouting resources such as these. The advantage here is that scouting provides activities which are age appropriate and well defined with can help youth and families in developing a program best suited for their own needs and the age of the youth.

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While it is the case that almost any badge can be used to meet an education goal some are more explicitly educational in nature. Below is a sortable list of the current Scouts Malta badges with the corresponding suggested goal areas.

Mastery Badges

Name Goal Areas
Aviator Educational, Physical
Backpacker Physical
Cook Educational
First Aider Educational
Orienteer Physical
Orienteer Physical
Seafarer Educational, Physical

Interest Badges

Name Goal Area
Animal Lover Educational
Arts Enthusiast Educational
Design and Building Educational
Entrepreneurship Educational, Social
Ethnic Diversity Social
Family Life Social, Spiritual
My Community Socail
Nature Educational
Personal Fitness Physical
Personal Management Educational
Scouting Heritage Educational
Water Sports Physical
Air Scouts - Aeronautics Educational
Air Scouts - Air Navigation Educational
Sea Scouts - Boating Educational, Physical